Thursday - October 5, 2023

Club Meeting Events and Presentations

Education and presentations:


We will have a “show and tell” session during the meeting where club members will share some information about their favorite coins.

Nov 2023

Our November club meeting will be our dinner meeting and will be held off-site.

Central States Numismatic Society DVD’s for check out

If you are interested in checking out any of these DVD’s, contact the secretary at the next club meeting.

o Top Ten Tips for Building Your Coin Collection
o Paper Money in the US: 1690 – present
o Estate Planning for the Numismatist
o Coins to Buy and Coins to Avoid During Economic Hard Times
o Everything About Coin Auctions
o Great Coin Collection
o Consumer Alert
o Star Coins from the Smithsonian
o Top Ten Rules of Successful Coin Collecting
o Common Sense Guide to Selling Coins on eBay
o Silver Dollar Analysis
o How to Tell Artificial Toning on Coins
o Do’s and Don’ts of Coin Collecting
o Selling Coins on the Internet
o Conservative Approach to Collection Half Cents
o Coin Show Safety
o California Pioneer Fraction Gold
o Canadian Charted Bank Notes
o Baltimore Stock Certificates and Bonds
o Collecting the Morgan Silver Dollar
o Capped Bust Half Dollars
o Cherrypicking Basics
o Twenty Ways to Improve Your Coin Club
o To Slab or Not to Slab?  That is the Question!
o Collecting Mercury Dimes
o Counterfieits, Fakes and Phonies
o Coin Grading Basics